Emmerdale: Rebecca White’s nurse’s real identity EXPOSED as Lachlan White reveals details of Cathy Sara’s evil character amid shock disappearance


Emmerdale serial down Lachlan White finally disclosed the identity of the sick nurse he paid to look after Rebecca White. The troubled character is behind bars facing charges for the disappearance off his aunt, played by Emily Head. Fans well know Lachlan is responsible for her sick kidnap, which saw him lock the mum of one in a cabin which was later seen covered in blood.

They initially believed Rebecca to be dead yet in a plot twist, it became apparent Lachlan had employed a medic to keep her captive in a isolated property. He told Rebecca’s ex Robert Sugden of her whereabouts on Monday’s episode of the ITV soap yet as he arrived at the building he was only met by blankets covered in blood. On Tuesday Lachlan finally revealed the full identity of the eerie, grey-haired nurse played by actress Cathy Sara.

Emmerdale loyals were quick to celebrate her revealed identity as Lachlan, played by Thomas Atkinson, said: “I paid a woman to look after her, as police fired back: Does this woman have a name, is it your girlfriend Belle. Lachlan replied: No she had nothing to do with it. He then confessed: “She was called Mrs Sykes, as they asked: Mrs Sykes, does she have a first name.

Looking very worried Lachlan, who told them Rebecca was in the isolated home alive and well when he left her, continued: I don’t know out. I’ve only ever known her as Mrs Sykes. She is a proper nurse, she used to be anyway.

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