Emmerdale SPOILER: Jessie Grant haunted by her past


Poor Marlon is left gutted when a romantic gesture falls flat on its face in Emmerdale next week. The kind-hearted Dingle, probably the softest of the lot, has his ego battered when Jessie fails to see the good in Marlon’s actions.

However, in the long run, the misunderstanding could bring the couple closer together. The storyline kicks off as Marlon and his daughter April get into the Christmas spirit by decorating the tree at home. As they allow themselves to get excited about the festive season, the pair end up talking about love.

Deciding that he’s been with Jessie long enough to tell her he loves her – which he clearly does! – the chef spells out “I love you Jessie” with fairy lights.

However, when headteacher Jessie returns home, she doesn’t react in the way Marlon would have hoped. Rather than be pleased and rush to give Marlon a big smooch, Jessie instead looks upset and rushes straight out again!

Source: entertainmentdaily.co.uk

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