Emmerdale spoilers Bob Hope to be taken back after Doug Potts assaulte


EMMERDALE is usually filled with various spats and fights, but viewers saw a heap of justice being dished out by Doug Potts in last night’s episode. Emmerdale fans have recently been snarling at their screens as Bob Hope has been plaguing the lives of a number of women.

Originally Bob was married to Brenda Hope but earlier this year saw Bob’s eyes began wandering and he started a sordid affair with Laurel Thomas.

Fans will know that Laurel is Doug Potts’daughter – and he was a little dubious about the relationship from the beginning. But disaster was destined for the couple as Bob and Laurel soon experienced a messy break up after fighting to stay together.

Bob came out a little worse for wear, however, as he was left homeless and penniless. Whilst this was going win Brenda and Doug became fast friends, leaving Doug feeling a little protective over her. This has left Doug first in line to hate Bob as he struggles to get back on his feet.

And Doug quickly feels his temper soar as he hears word Bob has been trying it on with Brenda once again after cheating on her. Last night’s episode of the soap saw Doug lose himself as he confronted Bob, lashing out at him in the pub. The altercation left Bob bloodied and embarrassed as he lay on the pub’s floor.

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