Emmerdale spoilers: Graham Foster to expose Joe’s deaith as Debbie Dingle takes revenge?


EMMERDALE viewers have been speculating as to whether Joe Tate is really dead and in the meantime Graham Foster is struggling to come to terms with losing him. But could he expose his involvement to Debbie Dingle.

Emmerdale viewers could soon see the truth behind Joe’s disappearance exposed when Graham starts to lose control.

In upcoming scenes, Graham will turn to the bottle as he tries to cope with the recent deapth of Joe.
Fans already know Graham developed a drinking problem during his time in the army, and have already witnessed just how out-of-control he can be when he relapses.

Could he accidentally let slip his involvement in Joe’s disappearance? Graham will come clean to Debbie about sending a fake text to her phone from Joe and understandably she is not happy.

Scenes will show her lashing out in anger, and Cain is forced to step in to drag her away. Taking control, Cain warns Graham it is time he moved on from Joe before both of them end up in trouble.

But Graham fails to listen and goes on a drinking binge, later arriving at the pub extremely drunk.
Furious with his behaviour, Cain pulls Graham to one side and threatens him to sort himself out before the situation gets worse.

Still upset over Graham’s revelation, Noah will make her position even more difficult when he asks Debbie to help Graham and not turn against him.

Unaware of Joe’s deauth, could Graham breakdown and confide in Debbie’s kindness about the dark secret he and Cain are keeping? Elsewhere it seems Chas and Paddy’s relationship could be heading for a break-up.

Following the deaith of their daughter Grace, both have been struggling to cope with their grief. Recent scenes have seen Paddy deliberately avoiding Chas and their counselling sessions.

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