Emmerdale spoilers: Harriet Finch and Dawn Taylor to be hit with a devastating shock


Ever since Harriet Finch came face to face with her former stepdaughter Dawn Taylor, she has vowed to help the broken youngster get her life back on track in Emmerdale as she blames herself for how her life has fallen apart so dramatically.

The guilty vicar was once with Dawn’s father for a number of years while working on an undercover police and her testimony led to him being jailed. After he went to prison, Harriet disappeared from Dawn’s life and when her dad then died in prison, Dawn was ripped to pieces.

Since then, she has battled drug and alcohol addiction and sold her body for sex, being abused by pimps and other men. Harriet wants her to find a better life but with animosity hanging in the air, tension remains. And things could be set to get even worse after a dramatic setback.

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