Emmerdale spoilers: Harriet Finch’s dark past exposed in shock storyline


EMMERDALE viewers are going to learn more about Harriet Finch’s backstory in upcoming scenes as her dark past in the criminal underworld will be explored. Harriet Finch’s past is a rather mysterious one, and it looks like Emmerdale viewers will get to know more about the Vicar.

Harriet was a policewoman before she had a radical career change and decided to become a Vicar. Not much is know about her time in law enforcement, yet it looks like her past is about to come back to haunt her. Harriet was part of the most shocking storyline last year when she was brutally stabbed, and the show’s writers aren’t quite done with her yet.

According to TV Times, Harriet will be in for a bit of a shock when her past working undercover for the police will lead to some difficult times ahead. Harriet apparently “met some characters and made some difficult decisions” during her time undercover and it looks like they could have an affect on her future.

Not much is known about who these people are and what Harriet was forced to do during her time working undercover. However, it’s definitely had an affect on the Vicar who’s been trying very hard to keep the past in the past.

Graham noticed Joe was still alive after Cain hit him with a rock and decided to finish the job himself. Last night’s instalment of Emmerdale saw Cain confess all to Moria who noticed something was wrong with her husband. Cain’s guilt was intensified after his daughter Debbie started talking about going to find Joe.

Joe never turned up to his wedding to Debbie for obvious reasons, leaving her feeling lost and confused at what went wrong. Cain told his daughter that it’s time for her to move and as he tries to cover up his crime.

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