Emmerdale spoilers: Is Joe Tate returning to Emmerdale


ITV soap Emmerdale continues to tease fans on the daily basis about the fate of entrepreneur Joe Tate . The character appeared to have met a sticky end last year during the Masquerade Ball week on Emmerdale. But the mystery of his death continues to beguile both the residents of the Village and audiences.

Is Joe Tate returning to Emmerdale? The short answer is that we just don’t know but it’s entirely possible the character could make a comeback – this is soap land after all.

There have been theories suggesting Joe was alive after viewers saw his hand twitch as his supposedly lifeless body was moved.

Graham Foster drove away with Joe’s body and a shovel but there was ambiguity over where the character was taken and if he’d been buried. To add more fuel to the fire, Emmerdale recently saw Debbie Dingle trying to identify Joe’s body only to discover the corpse belonged to someone else.

Many of the other villagers have spoken about Joe previously with Megan Macey (Gaynor Faye) talking about a lack of a body being found.

So Joe definitely remains on the minds of the villagers with the writers teasing fans about a possible return. In fact, Charity Dingle is set to be receiving a late-night phone call with speculation that Joe could be trying to somehow contact her.

Porteous’ performance has proved to be a hit with fans, leading the star to be nominated for Best Newcomer at this year’s National Television Awards. Sadly he lost out to EastEnders actor Danny Walters, who portrays Keanu Taylor in the BBC rival soap.

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