Emmerdale spoilers: ITV soap to break new ground as character makes HUGE choice


EMMERDALE is set to explore new ground that has been rarely been touched upon in other soaps before as one character will make a huge decision in the coming weeks on the ITV drama. Matty Barton has already broken ground on Emmerdale as the ITV soap’s first transgender character.

Arriving back in the Dales earlier this year, Matty, who used to be Hannah Barton, was reunited with his mother Moira Dingle. Moira found it hard to accept Matty’s decision at first but has since come round to the idea her daughter has transitioned to a man.

Speaking to Inside Soap for their Yearbook 2019, Matty Barton actor Ash Palmisciano revealed what’s to come for his character. Ash said: “Matty is getting to the point where he wants to explore the next stage of his transition, and what that entails.

“That’s going to be something that’s very new to soaps, so I really can’t wait to see what we do with that. Matty has recently tried finding love with brother Adam Barton’s (Adam Thomas) estranged wife Victoria Sugden.

After the pair gave into their feelings for one another, Matty has been left heartbroken when Victoria began dating other people in an attempt to get over her husband. However, Matty may have to come to Victoria’s rescue as she is set to embark on a relationship with Leon who is the Woolpack’s dray-man.

Victoria’s brother Robert Sugden will become suspicious over his sister’s relationship with Leon, as does Matty and her mother figure Diane Sugden.

In an act of revenge towards the trio’s judgement, Victoria ups the anti by flirting more with Leon, knowing it will make them worry even more. However, once they’re alone together with Leon wanting more than just a kiss, Victoria soon becomes uncomfortable with the escalating situation.

Unhappy by the rejection, Leon begins hurling verbal abuse towards Victoria as she tells him she’s not ready to go to the next stage.

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