Emmerdale spoilers: Joe Tate to RETURN as star calls for a surprise come back


The actor told Digital Spy: ”I hope Joe walks back through the door one day! Both Charley [Webb, Debbie Dingle] and I have talked about it. We’ve not spoken to Jane Hudson, our [executive] producer, but me and Charley love working together.”

Although it certainly looked as though Graham murdered Joe, viewers never saw his body. So, it wouldn’t be too surprising if Joe made a dramatic return from the deaid in true soap style.

However, soon Cain will tell Debbie about what he believes happened to Joe as he can no longer keep it a secret. It all unfolds when Debbie goes to identify a body the police believe could be Joe’s.

Debbie is in turmoil over the situation, although it transpires it is not Joe. Cain can’t keep it hidden any more and tells his daughter about what happened.

The mother-of-two feels unbelievably hurt and betrayed by the revelation but soon uncovers more hurtful facts. It comes to light for Debbie that Moira Barton had also known about it for months.

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