Emmerdale spoilers: Joe Tate’s return SEALED with this shock twist? Here’s the evidence


EMMERDALE favourite Joe Tate’s death left fans devastated last month following the explosive return of Kim Tate on the ITV soap, and now his return could be sealed with a twist in tonight’s instalment.

Tonight’s episode saw Debbie Dingle get even closer to the truth about Joe’s mysterious exit from Emmerdale. While she’s still unaware of the heartbreaking truth her father Cain Dingle accidentally killed her fiancé, Debbie confronted Graham Foster at Home Farm.

The shady butler has been going off the rails ever since he supposedly disposed of Joe’s body on the ITV soap, and an alarmed Cain has been struggling to keep him from revealing everything since. Now back off the wagon and downing whiskey at every opportunity, Graham is gradually losing his grip on reality and the guilt is sitting heavily on his shoulders.

I need to know, I loved him,” she said quietly. Luckily, Graham remembered to keep up the charade, and he spun a tale Joe had “played him too”, all the while unaware Debbie actually thought she was pregnant.

“I loved him too, but he played me too,” he lied. “Made out we had something special but I was nothing to him, a lackey, a menial, someone to clean up the mess he made time after time after time.

I lied to you the other day. He didn’t really love you, he left you with nothing, homeless, alone, broke. If I were you I’d forget he ever existed. Despite Graham’s harsh words, Debbie was clearly still intent on figuring out her ex-boyfriend’s whereabouts, particularly when she’s worried about a potential pregnancy.

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