Emmerdale’s Belle Dingle makes shock return to the soap leaving fans ecstatic


Emmerdale fans ecstatic to see Belle Dingle arrive just in time for Marlon’s wedding. Belle Dingle, who has not been seen since her boyfriend, Lachlan White, was finally caught for his murdeerous spree.

Even though many fans had read the spoilers and knew the blonde beauty was coming back in time for Marlon’s Christmas wedding, lots of viewers had no idea and showed their appreciate on social media.

One said: “#emmerdale belle back in time for a Lachlan visit”

Viewers of Christmas Eve’s episode saw Marlon’s girlfriend Jessie grow increasingly frustrated as more and more guests drop out of attending the festive wedding.

Even cheeky Monty the dog didn’t do much to help matters when he knocks the cake off the table and starts having a munch.

While Jessie wants to call the whole thing off, little April saves the day as she sweetly tells her future step-mum that she can’t wait for Ellis to become her step-brother.

Fancying a festive booze up, Marlon goes out drinking at the Woolpack with Sam, unaware that it is actually his stag do.

The pair get thrown out by Charity after she catches them helping themselves to booze and somehow end up waking up in the back of a delivery van.

Withe the vehicle headed for Bristol, it remains to be seen whether or not there will actually be a Christmas wedding.

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