Emmerdale’s Isabel Hodgins reveals she misses former co-star Adam Thomas ‘every day’


Emmerdale star Isabel Hodgins, who is better known to soap fans as Victoria Barton, has revealed that she misses Adam Thomas so much that she thinks about him every time she goes to work.

The actress says that while her character might be trying to move on with her life in next week’s episodes, that doesn’t mean actor Adam Thomas is about to be forgotten…

I miss Adam every single day that I walk into the Emmerdale studios,” she confessed. We’re still in touch and we have many a phone call because he’s not so great with the texting, but we know what’s going on in each other’s lives.

And while Adam left the soap back in January this year, that doesn’t mean Emmerdale is entirely off his radar. The actor has even taken to Twitter to joke about his hurt at his on-screen wife moving on in his absence!

Isabel joked: He’s not happy on social media about Vic moving on. I love it, I like that he is keeping his toe in the show via social media and obviously it shows that he cares about me, so that’s nice! After discovering that Adam wasn’t the one who kililed Emma Barton after all and that he was actually covering for his mum, Moira, Victoria has been on a one-woman mission to track down her husband.

Source: whatsontv.co.uk

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