Emmerdale’s Nicola King and Robert Sugden team up for a cunning con


Emmerdale’s Nicola King and Robert Sugden team up to scam Graham Foster next week. The pair come up with a ruthless plan when they realise they both have money troubles – and could solve them at Graham’s expense.

The story begins when Robert steps in to help Nicola after learning that she’s struggling with childcare while her husband Jimmy is away on a haulage job. As Robert’s husband Aaron Dingle is also away visiting baby Seb in Liverpool, Robert has some free time on his hands and steps in to help Nicola out.

Nicola realises that Robert’s kind gesture is partly inspired by how much he’s missing Seb. When they sit down for an honest chat, they bond over their financial struggles and vow to sort them out by seizing control of the haulage firm from Graham.

In eager preparation for the con, Nicola and Robert prepare some paperwork and wonder how they’ll convince Graham to sign it. When they head inside Home Farm, Nicola and Robert can’t believe their luck as they find Graham drunkenly passed out on the sofa.

Source: digitalspy.com

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