Emmerdale’s Nicola King devastated after lies tear family apart


For weeks now in Emmerdale, Nicola King has been working with Robert Sugden to scam money out of Graham Foster. What they didn’t know was Graham knew what was going on – and so did his on-off lover Megan Macey.

This week, Graham revealed all to Nicola’s husband Jimmy, as it became clear that his company was now worthless. Tonight, he confronted Graham about it but got nowhere, instead turning his rage to Nicola. Elsewhere in the village, Megan let slip to Nicola’s sister Bernice that it was Nicola’s fault she was facing homelessness.

Things got too much for Jimmy who decided Nicola had taken things way past the line of what was OK. The couple argued outside their home, but Jimmy fumed: “Me and you, we’re finished. Nicola laughed off his comment before demanding their daughter came with them, but Jimmy slammed the door in her face.

As she walked away from her family home, she broke down in tears – despite bringing it all on herself. Things go from bad to worse next week when Jimmy’s son Elliot goes missing from school. Nicola quickly finds him wandering the street and asks him what triggered his behaviour.

They share a touching moment when Nicola promises she will always be his mum, no matter what happens.
Soon, she returns to have things out with Jimmy and tries to resolve the situation. But could things get even worse for the schemer when she goes back to the factory to try and get her old job back?

Source: dailystar.co.uk

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