Family Puts A Hidden Camera In Their Father’s Nursing Home Room – The Footage Is Horrifying


As necessary as it may be sometimes, making the decision to put an elderly family member into a nursing home for 24-hour care is never easy. Neither is trusting a stranger to take good care of your loved one, even if it’s part of their profession to do so. Like the mistreatment of people with disabilities, elder abuse is an unfortunate reality some families aren’t even aware of until it’s too late.

When Salim Younes checked his 89-year-old father, Hussein Younes, into the Autumnwood of Livonia nursing home in Michigan, he had no reason to suspect anything was wrong — that is, until he saw the cuts and bruises on his father’s body. Staff explained it away when he asked about the lesions, claiming Hussein had fallen 11 times in five months. At that point, his father wasn’t able to speak, so Salim took them at their word.

However, Salim had enough when he noticed his dad was losing weight. That’s when he placed a hidden camera disguised as an alarm clock by Hussein’s bedside. Two days later, the camera had recorded over 100 shocking instances of abuse and neglect, including pushing, hitting, verbal abuse, and denying Hussein water.

“I love how you throw him,” one woman was recording saying as another roughly threw Hussein onto his bed. “I used to throw people like that.” What’s worse is that the behavior seems to be racially motivated.

“One woman praised Donald Trump…and his efforts to deport Arab Americans, referring to how they were ‘taking over Dearborn’ as she abused Mr. Younes,” the family’s attorney, Jonathan Marko stated.

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