German Shepherd Is Terrified Of New Water Sprinkler, Until Toddler Shows Him How To Overcome His Fear


We know German Shepherds have a reputation for being pretty tough cookies. This breed is notoriously fearless, brave and loyal which makes them great companions as well as amazing service animals thanks to their high level of intelligence.

Sure, they put on a good front, they look confident and bold in person, but behind closed doors, they can still be a bit of a softie. This German Shepherd is perfect proof that they can have a softer side than you would think.

This lovable pup seems pretty scared of water. That is until a toddler helps him overcome his fear in the cutest possible video.

Now, we’re not saying this German Shepherd can’t fend off an attacker, we’re just saying that if the said attacker is armed with the family’s new sprinkler system, he may be in trouble!

The toddler waddles over towards the sprinkler and puts their hand into the water. The dog runs towards the toddler to make sure they’re okay by licking their face. As the baby laughs, the dog soon realizes that all is well.

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