Groom Brings The Wedding To A Halt To Reveal A Heart-Wrenching Surprise For His Bride-To-Be


Weddings are one of the most joyous days of any person’s life. Though Becky was thrilled to be marrying the man of her dreams, there was a rather important person missing that day. Becky’s son, Triston, had sadly passed away and although Becky’s special day was filled with love and joy, there was still an overwhelming level of sorrow and grief knowing that her son couldn’t be there on her wedding day.

When Triston passed away, his heart was given to another young man named Jacob Kilby and through Triston’s death, Jacob’s life was saved.

Unbeknownst to Becky, her husband-to-be, Kelly, contacted Jacob and asked him to stand in as a groomsman in their wedding.

As Becky prepared herself to walk down the aisle, Kelly stopped the ceremony and introduced her to Jacob. This moment was beyond emotional as Becky met the man carrying her son’s heart.

Not only did Becky get to meet Jacob, but using a stethoscope she was able to hear Triston’s heartbeat for the first time since he had passed away.

The photographer said that she had had the pleasure of hearing Jacob tell Triston’s sister how grateful he was for his gift of life and his plans to honour Triston by living a healthy life.

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