If A Stranger Calls You ‘Grandma’ On The Phone, Hang Up The Phone Immediately


You have to be on the lookout for scams everywhere you go. Elderly people are especially vulnerable. Phone scams have been around for a long time but what is new is how the criminals con people into getting something from innocent people.

One of the newest scams is an attempt to call an older person and get them to believe the call is from a grandchild.

It is being called the “Hey Grandma” scam, and we need to spread the word about it! Here is how it works, the thug calls a number, and when someone answers, they say “Hey, Grandma.”

Then they try to get the person to believe that the fake grandchild is in serious trouble. If the person answering the call believes that it really is their grandchild, the thief will try to get their money.

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