I’m A Celebrity star Anne Hegerty credits Asperger’s for being quiz champ: ‘It helps you’


The brainbox, 60, refuses to let the condition hold her back and thinks it has improved her life. She also reckons it made her a quiz champion, which landed her a job on daytime show The Chase.

Speaking before she went into I’m A Celebrity, Anne told the Daily Star Sunday: “My Asperger’s helps with the quizzing. I think a lot of quizzers are somewhere on the autistic spectrum. It kind of helps you to become obsessed with things, learn things and actually retain information. A lot of autistics are very well-read and fascinated by all sorts of subjects.

“Look at the characters on The Big Bang Theory – everyone reckons that those boys are autistic. Asperger’s is a mild form of autism that affects social interaction. Since first speaking out about her condition, Anne now works to help others. She added: “I have been talking about it for years. But people have only recently registered it.

It would be nice for people to think I’m a role model who has shown how you can be successful. I’m A Celebrity viewers saw Anne struggling to cope when she arrived in camp. But she refused to quit and has gone on to face a Bushtucker Trial.

Anne has also opened up about her condition, telling campmates she was not diagnosed until she was 45.
Her comments have raised awareness and sparked a wave of support from viewers, plus famous faces such as Countdown star Rachel Riley, 32.

Source: dailystar.co.uk

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