Kim Tate’s revenge revealed as her targets are confirmed in Emmerdale


The Dales had better watch out – Kim Tate (Claire King) will be winging her way back shortly and she’ll be bringing with her a plot to get revenge on those who’ve wronged her in Emmerdale. There are several names in the pot too, so she’ll be a busy woman as she adjusts to life back at Home Farm.

But who’s made it on to the list? For one, she’ll no doubt have Joe Tate’s deaith on her mind so Cain had probably better watch his back. When asked about how she’ll feel about Joe, producer Kate Brooks.

I cannot possibly say anything! But yeah, with Kim getting released from prison and coming back out, obviously she’s got a lot of old scores to settle, and it’s going to be really interesting to watch. Robron will also be on her radar thanks to Robert’s harebrained scheme to embezzle money from the business.

There are a lot of japes with Robert and Aaron where Robert tries to go back to his old little ways, and old tricks,’ Kate said. And it kind of has a few little consequences, but nothing that is too worrying. We’ve still got the fall out of the Joe and Graham, and obviously Kim’s coming back as well, which is going to be huge.

There’s a lot of things to tie up.’ But it doesn’t stop there, Faith Dingle and maybe even Debbie will be in danger too. In fact it’s the whole Dingle clan. ‘Well obviously we discovered that Faith was the one who pushed her from the balcony, so there’s a lot of animosity between Debbie and Kim,’ Kate said.

And the Dingles as a whole really. Cain as well gets caught up in the whole Kim/Graham, toxic relationship. So there’s loads of fallout from that, and Moira inadvertently ends up getting caught up in the crossfire. So lots of good stuff.

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