Maya convinces Jacob to use Liv to cover up their illegal affair in Emmerdale


Maya Stepney’s grip on Jacob Gallagher is tightening now that he’s confessed to loving her, and she’s prepared to use him in any way she can to protect what they have and life as she knows it in Emmerdale. She’s managed to get him fully back under her wing and exactly where she wants him after he previously threatened to expose her, which means Jacob is in even greater danger than ever before.

Her manipulation of the school boy has known no bounds, with her using emotional blackmail to get him to agree to keep quiet, and her power has proven so strong she even got him to think it was his own idea.

Next up, she convinced him that the best way to protect their illegal relationship would be for him to use Liv as a cover so they could secretly meet up. He told her he wanted to end things with Liv, but Maya told him that would be a very bad idea.

While Jacob protested saying he didn’t want to hurt Liv, he’s a good lad at heart, Maya told him it was the only way to keep suspicions down on what they were up to.

Jacob came around to the idea, realising that David would assume he was with Liv when really he could be with Maya, and immediately Maya knew she could have him do anything she wanted.

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