Michelle involved in nasty accideent ahead of Kym Marsh’s Corrie exit


Michelle Connor will next week face a nasty accident when the nearby builders kick a football into her stomach just as she and Robert Preston are discussing doing a pregnancy test to see if their attempts at babymaking have been a success.

Coronation Street have released new pictures of Michelle taking a football to the stomach as Carla rushes to help – and boy it looks painful! But as Michelle heads to get checked out – it leads her to make a decision that leaves Robert vowing revenge against Carla!

This certainly escalate fast on the cobbles! Corrie’s website said: ‘Michelle drops a bombshell on Carla – she might be pregnant! But, as the builders have a kick around – disaster strikes! The football hits Michelle hard in the stomach – Carla rushes Michelle off to medical centre, but will everything be ok?

The captions continued: Meanwhile, Robert is drunk in the Rovers resulting in Johnny throwing him out! But, will he go quietly? Seeing Carla in the Street, Robert is convinced that she is stirring things between him and Michelle. He confronts her about it, but how will Carla react to Robert’s warning to watch out?

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