Mom Alleges These Skincare Wipes Gave Her Daughter A Horrible Skin Reaction


Makeup removing wipes are truly a gift to the skincare world. At the end of a long day, a single wipe can remove our makeup and cleanse our skin of impurities. But according to one mom, a specific brand of makeup removing wipes did the exact opposite for her daughter.

In a Facebook post from May 2018, Jaimie Potts posted a photo of Neutrogena Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes alongside a horrible rash on her daughter, Alyssa. Jaimie claims that Alyssa had been using the makeup wipes for months, but upon opening a new pack, her skin broke out in a horrible reaction.

Personally, I have used these makeup wipes countless times with absolutely no problems. However, it’s important to remember that everyone has different skin sensitivities, and many external factors can lead to changing skin patterns. Regardless of whatever caused Alyssa’s skin to react in this way, we hope that it cleared up soon and that she visited her doctor!

It’s safe to say that Jaimie’s Facebook post went viral, as it currently has over 82,000 comments and 169,000 shares. But according to the New York Post, people don’t really have a need to panic. Dr. Nina Shapiro explains, “We can’t evaluate the efficacy and value of a product or a danger of a product based on one event. These products make it on the market based on long term safety and benefits, not just one person.”

Dr. Shapiro adds that in this case, Alyssa’s reaction may have been from a different allergen altogether. “I think this is the perfect example of an anecdote that’s potentially not even related to the product itself,” she revealed.

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