Mom with 2 autistic sons told to keep “weird boys” away from other kids at play center


Gemma Ryan lives in the UK with her husband David their two sons, 10-year-old William and 6-year-old Edward.

Both William and Edward have autism, while Edward also suffers from ADHD and Tourette syndrome. The children’s disabilities mean they differ slightly from other kids in school and other social environments.

From time to time both of the boys display ticks they have little control over. They can make loud noises or flap their arms, leading to hurtful comments and judgemental looks from others.

It was in August, 2016, that Gemma took William and Edward to a play center. Instead of the great day Gemma had envisaged, however, both boys had a miserable time of things, and all because of the callous attitude of other parents!

Gemma Ryan’s sons William and Edward are often forced to experience things no child should be subjected to. The disabilities they have mean they’ve been targets for bullying, whilst they often have little control over sudden vocal outbursts and movements.

On that fateful day in August, 2016, when Gemma had taken her sons to a play center, she was approached by another mom who said she: “should keep my ‘weird’ boys away from her son and that I needed to understand they shouldn’t be here.

Gemma, of course, wasn’t about to let another woman decide what her boys could and couldn’t do.

“I confronted her and told her my son was not weird and that she needed to educate herself on these kinds of conditions,” Gemma told the Daily Mirror. A little over ten minutes later a man arrived at the play center with his son. The boy made friends with William and the two played for a time, before William put his arm around him.

As Gemma explains, the man suddenly freaked out, telling Gemma he would strangle William if he did it again.

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