Parking Violations Charged On A Depressed Mom, Judge Becomes Stunned On Hearing That Her Son Just Dieed


The grieving woman had one parking ticket after another. But when the judge made her explain why she was having such a tough year, something caught his attention and he asked her to repeat herself.

The matter of Andrea appeared before 80-year-old Judge Frank Caprio in Rhode Island, US. It was in the courtroom in March 2017 when she was informed that she was liable for parking tickets as old as 2004-2005 amounting to be around $50, about which she wasn’t aware of.

Later when the conversation proceeded and came to Andrea’s extra up to date tickets. This girl had one parking ticket after some other.

However, when the Judge asked her to provide an explanation for why does she have this type of attitude, one thing caught his attention and he requested her to repeat herself.

While telling the judge, and explaining the tragedy, Andrea revealed that her son was klled in March of 2016.

In the shock of his deaith, the social security office cut her check because her son owed $75 to the state. When she left the office after sorting things out, she found a parking ticket on her car.

From there, the year only continued to get worse and worse as if everything she did or wherever she moved there was a parking ticket awaiting her.

With tears rolling down her eyes she says,” It’s like I can’t win. Andrew told Judge Caprio that she is on anti-depressants and is paying off funeral to her son by collecting funds to pay off all her tickets.

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