Piers Morgan reveals shocking truth behind hospitalisation


Speaking to Susanna Reid, he explained that he had undergone a minor procedure that required a tube to be placed down his throat.

He went on to explain: “You’re supposed to be awake while it’s happening, so you’re sort of aware. Next thing I know I wake up in recovery. It’s all over, done, I didn’t remember a thing.

Discussing his confusing upload, he continued: “I had my phone on me and basically in that picture I’m still half sedated, just come round, but my phone was near me, and they all left the room to let me have my rest. So I got the phone.

“I had no idea I’d done this, posted the picture. I then had a little chat with the consultant of which I have no memory at all, went on for a 10 minute chat.

I was then allowed home in a cab, go home, sleep for two or three hours, wake up and there’s like a thousand messages from all around the world.

Recalling some of the panicked messages, he exclaimed: “Are you alright? Are you alive? What’s going on?” He hilariously added: “I’d like to apologise to anybody who’s offended by the fact that I’m not going to die, or just upset or a little bit disappointed.

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