Pit Bull Found Abandoned In Grocery Store Parking Lot Has New Job As K9 Officer


Pit Bulls are often looked at as being the most vicious, mean and all-around awful dogs to own; but there are some out there looking to break the mold. When you look online, there are hundreds of stories that talk about how depraved and violent pit bulls can be; but there are also an abundance of stories that talk about pit bulls overcoming abuse and abandonment (among other things). They turn into sweethearts, which is what all pit bulls are deep down inside.

There are several companies looking to help pit bulls along with their journey to acceptance, and one of these would include the AFF (Austin Pets Alive!), as well as the Universal K9’s Detection Dogs Program.

One of the most popular (and successful) dogs to ever graduate from the K9 program would be Kiah, who is the very first pit bull officer within the New York state. Together with the police partner they pair her up with, Kiah strolls along the streets and is well-known for sniffing out narcotics. Drug dogs are always going to be useful in modern society, so when you can rehabilitate an abused pet (let alone a pit bull), it’s going to put a smile of people’s faces.

Although Kiah started out as a stray abandoned in the middle of a parking lot, this pit bull is changing the way your average person looks at this specific breed of dog. Pit bull police are the wave of the future! This breed is gaining more and more positive exposure as the years’ progress, and it’s a wonderful sight to see.

Kiah the pit bull, was rescued from a grocery store parking lot. She has become New York state’s premier pit bull police officer! She and her partner, Officer Justin Bruzgul, patrol the streets of Poughkeepsie.

While many believe that pit bulls aren’t capable of being canine companions to police officers, trainer Brad Croft couldn’t disagree more. He explained that any dog who can fixate on something for a long time without getting distracted, is able to become an amazing contraband sniffer.

Croft is part of a collaboration, AFF, (Austin Pets Alive!) and Universal K9, a company that trains rescued animals to become K9’s for officers around the country. One of it’s most successful graduates is the fearless female pit bull herself. “Kiah is one of the top three dogs I’ve ever placed,” explains Croft.

While she was being trained, AFF was busy reaching out to officers in New York. The Poughkeepsie Police Department was interested. Officer Bruzgul began training with Kiah in Texas and they both graduated as partners in November.

She has proven to be a great part of the team, who is just as confident and capable as her purebred counterparts. I’m getting her out there and exposing her to the public as much as possible. I’ve had nothing but great responses from the public, explains Bruzgul.

We all hope that one day the stigma of pit bulls being vicious dogs who can’t be trained, will vanish as more of them enter the police force.

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