Roxanne Pallett’s showbiz return: ‘Being genuinely remorseful is key’


After her successful career on Emmerdale, she joined Celebrity Big Brother for the 2018 series, but it all went downhill very quickly. Weeks into her time in the house, Roxanne Pallett accused Coronation Street star Ryan Thomas of beating her after a play fight.

Ryan threw a couple of light punches that parodied a boxer, while Roxanne laughed, before telling him it hurt – which he immediately apologised for.

After leaving the house because of the scandal, Roxanne apologised publicly before going into hiding, but it’s likely that 2019 is going to be the year of her defiant return.

Allowing the storm to pass, Roxanne hasn’t been seen or heard from for four months, and TV Presenter and Mind Coach Anna Williamson has explained why, and when we can expect to see her again.

Talking to Daily Star Online, she said: “Leaving the spotlight to let the storm die down was a wise and necessary move, and hopefully it’s given her time to reflect on what happened, and get whatever support/help she might need, and in a safe space to do so.

“A comeback for 2019 is risky. People aren’t quick to forgive such a potentially damaging error for another, and if she wants to regain some sort of credibility she will have to work hard on getting the public back on side.

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