Roy’s illness ends in two horrifying Corrie deaaths


Roy Cropper’s grief over the loss of his mum Sylvia is about to push him over the edge – but he has no idea what his ailments will lead to in Coronation Street as at least one person could end up dead. Roy has been struggling to hold it together as the passing of Sylvia has awoken a lot of conflicting emotions in Roy that he is finding it hard to comprehend.

His friend Carla Connor is trying hard to support him but soon she will realise quite how much Roy has been impacted when she spots him sleepwalking.

Seeing him outdoors in his pyjamas at night, she rushes over to him and sits him down. He is disorientated and confused and Carla is caring as she takes him back indoors. But Roy’s next night time venture could end in an unspeakable tragedy.

He will end up wandering into Peter Barlow’s boaat where he will knock over a paraffin lamp and start a firre. Peter will be terrified when he sees his boaat up in flames, with his young son Simontrapped inside.

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