School Calls The Police On An 8th-Grade Girl After She Tries To Use A $2 Bill In The Cafeteria


In a school cafeteria located in Christa McAuliffe Middle School, a education facility in Houston, Texas, an innocent student was accused of attempting to pay for a lunch with a counterfeit 2-dollar bill. She was 14-year-old eighth-grader Danesiah Neal.

The cafeteria staff took her dollar bill and rang the police up immediately, saying that this child had counterfeit notes in her possession – and she was simply buying her lunch! How ridiculous is that?

They also rang up her grandmother, Sharon Kay Joseph – and told her that her granddaughter was in deep trouble. However, the police examined the note carefully – it was genuine!

The sickening thing is, neither of the parties apologized to the poor girl and her grandmother! Danesiah also missed her lunch that day because she was left with no time, opportunity or cash to buy anything! Representatives from the school has since shelved this case like it never happened – racism should NEVER be condoned!

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