Shock Coronation Street domestic abIuse plot ends in horrific MURDERI?


The Coronation Street cast members will get into a blazing row when Jenny finds out Johnny has been speaking to his fling Liz McDonald, who he slept with during their marriage.

Jenny will drown her sorrows after discovering Johnny and Liz are together after tracking his phone using her own. The pair had an affair behind Jenny’s back earlier this year, but she has told Johnny that she forgave him for his indiscretion.

The fan favourite begins downing wine and tracking Liz’s movements on her tracking app, before accidentally hitting herself in the face with a cupboard.

Johnny is shocked when he sees her black eye, but it doesn’t take long before they get into a blazing row about Liz. The pair follow each other around the house in a brutal argument as Jenny makes it clear she doesn’t want Johnny to speak to his ex again.

As they approach the stairs, Jenny suddenly tumbles down the steps and lays unconscious at the bottom.
Did Johnny push her, and is she going to live? It looks like he is going to come under heavy scrutiny as the hospital staff look at Jenny’s serious injuries.


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