Teacher Gets Fired For Giving Zeroes To Students Who Didn’t Turn In Their Work


It has become more and more difficult to be a teacher in recent years. There are so many different rules and regulations in place now that it is difficult to stay in compliance.

Some private school teachers are even told that they can’t fail students, even if they did not participate in class or hand in assignments. The principals would pass down this information that often came from the administration. Their logic was that parents were paying money for those private schools and that teachers could not hold the students back.

Is that the case with public schools? One would think that a teacher would have much more of a voice and authority when it came to holding children back. If you thought that was true, you were wrong.

In fact, there is a teacher in Florida that had to learn this lesson in the worst way possible. She gave zeros to students who were not turning in their assignments and ended up paying for it with her job.

Diane Tirado was no rookie when it came to teaching. She had been teaching for years and had got a new job at Westgate K-8 School in Port St. Lucie. As an eighth grade US history teacher, she was teaching something that most students should have done well with but her teaching methods came under fire.

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