The Chase: ‘Hopeless’ Viewers in absolute turmoil over ‘worst contestant ever’


THE CHASE viewers were beside themselves over one contestant who appeared on the show today and some were quick to dub him the “worst ever”. Today’s instalment of The Chase was hosted as usual by Bradley Walsh.

But the last contestant on the ITV game show to step up to face Chaser Jenny Ryan left a lot to be desired. Jim, a town crier from Tenby, put on what can only be described as a memorable performance. He managed to get three points during his quick fire round but went on to do something to agitate a lot of fans.

However, it got a lot worse when Jim then proceeded to be an easy catch for Jenny, despite having an advantage. He was quickly caught and sent packing by the Vixen and those at home took to Twitter to comment.

Jim officially goes down as the worst contestant of all time on The Chase,” one stated. Another shared: “Bow-tie wearing guy on The Chase may well be the worst contestant ever. Went for -1000, had a 5 answer buffer and still f****d up.

The question that saw Jim kicked out of the competition also bothered a lot of viewers. Bradley asked: “What Johnny Depp film had the tagline: ‘His story will touch you, even though he can’t?'” with the options being either Donnie Brasco, Edward Scissorhands or Finding Neverland.

Many thought it was obvious the answer was Edward Scissorhands, which was correct, and couldn’t believe Jim’s thought process when he went for Finding Neverland. Meanwhile, just two of the contestant made it into the Final Chase.

Callum and Louisa had to go against Jenny and they got a 14 point headstart on her. But Jenny was on good form and caught the pair with 40 seconds remaining.


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