The Chase: ‘Mean!’ Viewers furious over contestant’s ‘wrong’ answer


THE CHASE continued this evening and saw all four of Bradley Walsh’s contestants make it to the final chase – however fans were a little perturbed by one of the questions asked. The Chase showcased a knowledgable team this evening as all four members of the clan hosted by Bradley Walsh survived through to the final chase.

Battling against Mark “The Beast” Labbett, each of the contestants were bringing out their A-game for their share of the £25,000 won so far.

But their performance came undone in the final chase as they got many of the questions wrong, leaving them with a smaller chance of winning. And one of the questions left fans a little irritated, as they felt it was a correct answer.

The contestants were asked what type of alcohol Hoegaarden is, to which Annie responded: “A beer.

However the answer was deemed incorrect forcing Bradley to announce the correct answer was in fact “a lager”. Viewers simply weren’t happy, and began hitting out at the answer on Twitter. One wrote: “Bit mean of #thechase not to give them that beer/lager answer.

“In the UK I wouldn’t call that a ‘beer’ – which I reserve for British ales. I’d call it a foreign lager, for sure. Mean, mean, mean. While another chimed in to say: “Thought beer and lager were the same?


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