This riddle is easy as ABC, but almost nobody gets it right: Can you do it on your first try?


These days, computers and technology do most of our thinking for us. I’d even say that it’s more important to know how to use a computer and be familiar with different programs and apps than to have a keen intellect when it comes to work.

That being said, our brains still need stimulation in order to be healthy and feel good. As the Internet is becoming more and more widespread, so have our opportunities for learning increased as well. Just think of how many puzzles, riddles and mind teasers that are out there on the web.

The internet really is a goldmine for exercising your brain! I’ve always loved tricky puzzles and problems. When I was little, I absolutely loved playing Clue (Cluedo) with my family. My older sister won most of the time, but sometimes I managed to solve the mystery first. These days, I mostly do crosswords and Sudoku.

We need stuff like that in order to take a break and get away from the stress of our everyday lives. It also lets you wind down and be alone with your thoughts for a while. That can be incredibly valuable!

Few can solve the riddle
Lately, I’ve been spending more and more time solving riddles. The trickier the better, but there has to be a chance of getting it right. I just love the feeling of figuring out a really hard one!

I found this riddle earlier today online, and apparently, very few get it right. Then I tested it on 10 of my colleagues, and only 2 gave the right answer. It’s trickier than you think!

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