Tiny 7-Yr-Old Stands To Sing National Anthem – When She Opens Her Mouth, The Crowd Is Left Speechless


Malea Emma Tjandrawidjaja has a voice that had us all blown away when we heard it. Sure, the little girl may only be 7-years-old, but she’s a force of nature! Malea Emma’s recent national anthem performance at an L.A. Galaxy game was nothing short of ‘diva’.

This pre-teen diva is an actress, singer, and model from Los Angeles, California. This young Indonesian girl is growing in popularity throughout the entertainment industry for her diva performances, stunning vocals, and adorable charm.

The adorable little girl took her spot in the middle of the stadium to perform her rendition of ‘The Star Spangled Banner‘. Just a few bars in and the little girl already had the whole stadium in applause.

A few months back, with help from her parents Esther and Arman Tjandrawidjaja, Malea Emma entered a contest. The contest was sponsored by Major League Soccer club, L.A. Galaxy.

The team had held an Instagram contest to seek out the most talented fans to compete for the honor of singing the national anthem at their Galaxy Social Day.

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