Woman whispers ‘6 alarming words’ to mom in Walmart parking lot—then starts the police chase


It all started at a Walmart parking lot in Reynoldsburg, Ohio. Tia Withers had just walked out of the outlet after shopping and was heading to her car. At the parking lot, she saw a woman and her kids together with a strange man.

She did not give it much thought at the time, but that changed the moment the woman mouthed something very disturbing. Turns out, the family was under duress by the strange man and they needed help!

Tia sprang into action, getting into her car and trying to block the man’s car from leaving, but the guy rammed against her car, forcing her to give way. However, she kept on him as he sped away with the family. Tia made sure to keep the cops on phone as she pursued the car – and the cops showed up and finally got him!

The crook’s name was Michael McKinney. He had driven the family all the way from North Carolina to Ohio with intent to rob them off their Western Union savings. Well, it seems that his endeavors didn’t quite go to plan.

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